WGA Registration — What it is and what it isn’t

wga registration certificate example

When considering WGA registration for a screenplay, screenwriters need to keep several key things in mind. Those things are: what WGA registration entails, what it covers, how much it protects you, and exactly what it isn’t designed to do. What is WGA Registration? Put simply, the WGAw Registry is an entity that collects, logs, and … Read more

Script Registration — Pros and Cons

script registration depicted as a script with a lock through it

Script registration means registering your script with a trusted third-party or organization. And it can be a very good thing for screenwriters looking to protect their creative work. That said, script registration is not a “magic bullet.” Think of it more like a tool to add to your toolbox. That tool, when used properly, can … Read more

What is screenplay registration and how does it work?

screenplay registration page

What is screenplay registration? Screenplay registration is a process where a screenwriter submits her screenplay or other literary material to a third-party registration service such as Script Register. Those services then provide the screenwriter with a document. That document details the time and date which the material was submitted by the screenwriter, and then keeps … Read more

Script Register