Register your script before you send it to Hollywood

Script Register’s screenplay registration helps protect you and your script from unscrupulous producers and script contests by creating a secure, time-stamped paper trail of your hard work.

your hard work, secured and protected.

Protect your screenplay (or any other written work)

Third-party script registration from Script Register protects your script, teleplay, outline, stage play, music video outline, book, novel, or any creative written document.

TV pilots
Treatments / Outlines
Pitch packages
Sheet music or lyrics
Multimedia / VR scripts
Any creative document

Registering a script is easy

Just fill out our quick form, attach your script file, and pay with a credit card.

register a script

Script registration helps prove ownership of your ideas

Registration creates a “paper trail” for your screenplay’s chain of title. And as many legal professionals may tell you, a long, detailed paper trail in your support can only help any arbitration or legal case.

register a script

script registration gives you peace of mind

Your hard work, ideas, and words. Date-stamped and vaulted

We provide you with time-stamped and date-stamped proof of your script’s authorship. Nobody will open your script, or even your archive’s folder, unless you ask us to in the event you need to prove authorship (in a dispute with a producer, for example.)

256-bit secure encryption
Air-gapped vault server
Daily secure backups
Total privacy
Paper trail
Protection for creatives

As you complete your registration, you’ll choose between these two options:

Register 1 Script
Great for writers with just one or two scripts
Registration and Proof of Authorship for (1) script/file up to 5MB, time- & date-stamped
Offsite secure vaulting of your script and all drafts and revisions for 5 years on our private, airgapped vault server
50MB of storage for your registered script and any related documents
Monthly backups of your registered scripts
Protection for (2) author names maximum
Standard ticket support
$20.00 for one script or draft

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"Thanks you guys. You made the process extremely simple."

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"Stoked that you guys are doing this. Registered all four of my screenplays."

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"Thanks Script Register. I had no idea registering my work was this easy or I would’ve done it long ago."

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What is script registration?

When you register your script or creative work with Script Register, we vault it and permanently associate it with the identification information you provide us. Registration is an important first step but it's not the only one. We recommend you also register your work with the Library of Congress Copyright Office. Both types of registrations help to document ownership of your creative work and can serve as legal evidence in a court of law.

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