October 20, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Script Register process work?

You select which plan you’d like, check out, then upload your script using our registration form. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes.  We then immediately email you your registration email, complete with your unique script registration code, which you can then print out or archive however you like for your records.  On our end, we then encrypt your script and archive it on our secure, non-cloud storage system where it’s never looked at again, unless you request it.

How does registering my screenplay protect me?

Registering your screenplay here at Script Register establishes a timestamped, dated record of authorship with Script Register, which acts as a neutral third party, should you ever need to help prove legally that you’re the true author and originator of your material.

The actual work you submit is stamped with date and time from the moment you register. Then a copy of that work, with your name and contact information on it, is filed away in our secure, offline, airgapped (not connected to the internet) storage server, never to be looked at again, unless you need us to pull it out of the file and provide it as proof in a dispute.

What kind of documents can I protect?

Screenplays, treatments, sitcoms, shorts, beat sheets, character descriptions, script outlines, pitches, television shows, and stage plays.

How secure is my script once I’ve registered it?

Our site is secure with 256-bit AES encryption over SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).  Once received, your documents are encrypted with the same level of security and archived on our archive, which is a SAN we keep completely disconnected from the internet and wi-fi.  In addition, nobody at Script Register ever opens your documents.

Is your screenplay registration service the same service that the WGA offers? 

Many entertainment attorneys stress that Copyright Registration is what you need most, even more than our service or any other service like ours, including that of the WGA. Without your script being copyrighted, if it’s infringed upon, you likely won’t be able to find an attorney to take on the case, even on a contingency fee basis, because even if you win, you may be able to win a settlement, but you most likely won’t be able to collect statutory damages, which are usually what make it worthwhile for litigators to take on a case to begin with. Our service is similar to WGA registration, but ours is a completely different service.

If I register my script with Script Register, should I still file a copyright?

Absolutely yes. Filing a US Copyright is absolutely essential.

After I register my script(s), will I have access to them?

After you upload your script, you may download your script or files at any time by (a) emailing support and (b) providing notarized, written proof and documentation of your identity.  Photo ID, driver’s license, etc. We take our archiving very seriously. No documents will ever be released to anyone, unless us not releasing them runs the risk of violating a court order or similar.

Can anyone other than me access my registered screenplay at Script Register?


Do you sell or give away access to the scripts you register, or personal information about the registrant/author?

No. No information of any kind will ever be transmitted, sold, or given away from Script Register to any third party for any reason.

If I have a legal dispute, will you back me up?

Yes. We stand ready to deliver your proof of authorship and all requested files to whatever representation you authorize.

Do you accept printed, hard-copy paper scripts and documents?

No. We only accept digital files. (Paper scripts cannot be encrypted.)

Can I add the Script Register registration code to my title page?

Yes, but we also recommend placing your Copyright on your title page as well, as that’s more important.

Can’t I just mail myself a copy of my script to protect myself?

This is referred to as “Poor Man’s Copyright,” and it’s not recommended, as it affords little or no protection or remedy in the event of a dispute.

How long is my script’s registration valid for?

If you ordered the Unlimited Script Registration, your script’s registration is good for life. If you ordered any of our other services, your script’s registration from Script Register is valid for five (5) years from the date of registration, which is the date you ordered the registration and uploaded the script.

How do I upload my script files?

You’re directed to the upload form right after you check out, but you can upload your script files at any time using our secure script upload form here.  Every upload you make will ask you for your original order number before it lets you upload the file.  If you have any difficulty, please contact support@scriptregister.com

When can I upload my script files?

You can upload whenever you like.  Now, three weeks from now, or ten years from now, as long as you’ve got enough free storage space remaining on your plan.

I only paid to register one script.  Can I de-register it and register a new one instead?

No.  If you purchased the Unlimited plan, you can upload and register as many scripts as you like. If you purchased a 1 or 5 script plan, you can upload as many files as you like, but we will only vault the first one you upload (for 1 script plans) and the first five (for the five script plan).

What document file formats do you accept?

We vault documents from the following types of files: PDF, Highland, Final Draft, text, RTF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, Movie Magic Screenwriter, FadeIn, and CeltX.  If you don’t see a filetype you need on that list, just let us know.